NRP Registration

How do I register?
  Registration for the 2013 New Runners’ Program has ended.

How do I pay?
You will pay for the program when you register online. Or you can mail a check if you download the registration form. The cost of the program for new participants is $65 and includes the entry fee for the Dogwood 5K, a one year membership to the Mebane Running Club and all of the program components.

I really want to do this. How do I make sure I have a spot?

Where will registration be posted? What is the process?
  • When you see ‘Choose a Membership Level’, choose one of the appropriate levels below:
    • New Runners’ Program – New Member
    • New Runners’ Program – Current Member ($50 for those who have paid their 2013 MRC dues)
  • DO NOT choose the Individual or Family Membership. That is a general membership to the Mebane Running Club and will not include the New Runners’ Program. Your New Runners’ Program fee includes the annual fee for the Mebane Running Club.
  • Be sure to follow all steps and provide your payment. Once payment is processed, you will receive an online receipt. If you do not receive a receipt, you may not have completed the process.
  • Questions? Contact us at
Anything else I should know or be prepared for?
During the registration process, you will be asked for your mile time. This is needed so that we can categorize you into groups and provide appropriate coaching. This is the time that it currently takes you to briskly walk, or run-walk one mile. If you are currently running, it is the time it takes you to run, not sprint, for one mile. And don’t worry, this does not lock you into one pace group for the duration of the program. You can move yourself to a new group or the mentors may guide you to a more appropriate group at anytime throughout the program. We break up into groups mainly for safety on congested sidewalks.

  • Map out a mile using or another mapping device online.
  • Set a timer or ask a friend to help. Many smartphones have stopwatches on them.
  • Briskly walk or run – walk or run (your preference) the distance. You should be breathing heavily and have an elevated heart rate. Do not sprint!
  • Submit your time when asked on the form e.g. 17:30, 10:15, 16:20, etc.

If you want to register but haven’t timed your mile yet, please go ahead and register. We will get your mile time via email before February 2nd. We will also offer a timed mile option in the next several weeks.