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Winter 2011 Race Results


March 20th – Tobacco Trail Half and Full Marathon – Cary, NC


  • 560 17/172 F 2097 Lauri Daughtry 48 Mebane NC 37:39 8:22 1:53:39 8:41 1:54:15
  • 612 79/167 M 1624 Caleb Baker 35 Mebane NC 38:40 8:36 1:54:37 8:45 1:55:33
  • 808 2/46 F 3518 Stephanie Rankin 56 Mebane NC 38:07 8:29 1:57:14 8:57 1:59:28 2nd in age group!
  • 869 26/58 M 3517 Bob Rankin 57 Mebane NC 39:59 8:53 1:58:08 9:02 2:00:23
  • 929 85/150 M 2199 Robert Earhart 48 Mebane NC 35:30 7:54 2:01:29 9:17 2:01:51
  • 931 80/207 F 3061 Annie Martinie 31 Mebane NC 39:36 8:48 2:01:03 9:15 2:01:53
  • 1402 160/291 F 3954 Adriana Tavernise 39 Mebane NC 41:32 9:14 2:14:31 10:17 2:15:21
  • 1503 182/291 F 3511 Julie Rachlin 35 Graham NC 43:01 9:34 2:16:59 10:28 2:18:14


530 53/129 F 976 Denise Snyder 40 Mebane NC 1:01:20 8:11 1:49:39 8:23 4:12:02 9:38 4:12:18
552 62/114 M 924 Alan Schumacher 53 Efland NC 1:03:12 8:26 1:54:53 8:47 4:13:20 9:41 4:13:41

March 20th – Shamrock Half Marathon – Virginia Beach, VA

Full results

Becky Malone  1:56:48

March 12th – Shamrock Run for Hope – Pittsboro, NC

Full results

Katie Gandee  3rd place 12 – 19 F   29:06:49
Danielle Gibbs 2nd place 30 – 39 F  26:00:60
Mary Helen Yehl 1st place 50 – 59 F 28:33:61
Joyce Gandee  35:21:88

March 5th – Crystal Coast Half Marathon – Morehead City, NC

Full results
243 Kristin Riley                2:27:31      2:27:00    11:16

March 5th – Umstead Trail Marathon
Full Results

29 Hendrik Joubert 54 M Mebane NC 3:43:12 8:31
145 Richard Kohrman 62 M Mebane NC 5:14:39 12:01

February 19th – Myrtle Beach Half Marathon
Place Bib # Name Start Split 1 Gun Time Chip Time Pace Age Gender City
1612 5505 VALERIE MYERS 6:35:35 1:05:34 2:16:28 2:11:53 10:25 43 F BURLINGTON NC

February 13th – Valentine’s Marathon Massacre Relay 2011 – Greensboro, NC

Full results

A marathon like no other…
The race is help over a 1.6 mile loop.  The first lap is 2.2 miles then you will run 15 laps of 1.6 miles.

The race is a Boston Qualifier for our solo participants but the majority of the field is comprised of 4 person teams.  There is a category for every team… there are relay categories based on age and weight.


Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
1 Jack Mignosa 127 M/40 16 3:03:08 6:59/M 26.200

4 – All Men

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
3 Why Not? 103 M/31 16 3:04:33 7:03/M 26.200 – JP Joubert, Alan Sharpe, Charlie Kroger, Evan Adler
6 total

4 – All Women

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
4 MRC Ladies Team #836 59 F/39 16 3:13:53 7:24/M 26.200 – Denise Snyder, Elaine Bixby, Bonnie Joubert, Courtney Baker
8 MRC’s Here for the Hoodie 63 F/39 16 3:31:32 8:04/M 26.200 – Sarah Elder, Tracy Page, Beth Payne, Rebecca Brouwer
12 No Training Required 66 F/16 16 3:37:17 8:18/M 26.200 – Stephanie Rankin, Barb Taylor, Linda Kroger, Lynn Fishel
17 MRC Can’t Catch My Heart 57 F/15 16 3:56:05 9:01/M 26.200 – Michelle Thompson, Katie Gandee, Becca W., Cara M.
18 The Mebane Heart Breakers 95 F/31 16 3:56:20 9:01/M 26.200 – Amanda Blankenship, Jennifer Warren, Annie Martinie, Karen Boley
24 Blinded By The Light 12 F/45 16 4:12:49 9:39/M 26.200 – Tammy rice, Lynn Briggs, Caroline Ketcham and Christine K.
25 MRC Pretty in Pink 60 F/46 16 4:17:03 9:49/M 26.200 – Wendy Edelson, Adriana Tavernise, Becky Malone, Beth Wilkerson
26 MRC- G.R.I.T.S. 58 F/54 16 4:19:41 9:55/M 26.200 – Amanda Mills, Joyce Gandee, Cathy O’Neal, Mary Helen Yehl
27 Red Hot MaMas 75 F/43 16 4:25:09 10:07/M 26.200 – Kristin Riley, Moira S., Deanna B., Kaylea R.

4 – Coed

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
26 4 Loco 3 M/29 16 3:42:50 8:30/M 26.200 – Ryan Edelson, Sharon Cates, Jonathan Brunger, Jenni Brunger
27 MRC 3 ladies and a punk dude 56 F/27 16 3:51:42 8:51/M 26.200 – Tracy Britt, Sharon B., Cyndi R., Nate R.

4 – Geezer

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
15 MRC Prisoners of Love 61 F/33 16 3:50:04 8:47/M 26.200 – Heather Moore, Mark Moore, Gary McClowsky, Sue Proctor

4 – Super Geezer

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
5 MRC Spring Chickens 62 M/35 16 3:47:33 8:41/M 26.200 – Larry Knight, Joan Boone, Bob Rankin, Caleb Baker

2 – Coed

Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Time Pace Distance
4 MRC – H20HOUSE 110 M/47 16 3:34:40 8:12/M 26.200 – Derek & Lynn Waterhouse
7 Mebane 1/2 109 M/62 16 3:51:47 8:51/M 26.200 – Richard Korhman & Ann Brady

February 5th – Krispy Kreme Challenge 2011 – Raleigh, NC
Full results

Place       Name                 Start         KKC Split Gun Time Chip Time
1659 ROBERT RANKIN 8:31:16 0:36:37 0:59:31 0:58:15 Challenger
723 KATIE GANDEE 8:33:45 0:40:17 1:02:18 0:58:33 Challenger 15
176 AMANDA BLANKENSHIP 8:33:37 0:52:36 0:48:59 Casual_Runner
452 LYNN BRIGGS 8:30:00 0:54:13 0:54:13 Casual_Runner
973 ADRIANA TAVERNISE 8:33:38 1:05:36 1:01:58 Casual_Runner
1194 TAMMY RICE 8:30:00 1:04:53 1:04:53 Casual_Runner

Practice for the Valentine’s Marathon Massacre Relay

For those of you gearing up for the February 14th festivities, here is a course for a 1.5 mile loop from Mebane Espress. You might consider this as an option on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings.

  • Try warming up with a few blocks of walking or jogging.
  • Run the loop once at a moderate pace.
  • Stop at the coffee shop and rest – standing – for 10 minutes or so.
  • Run the loop again at a race pace (watch out for traffic!)
  • Stop at the coffee shop and rest – standing – for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat with a slower loop.
  • Cool down, stretch and enjoy the coffee!

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon Relay

Congratulations to all of the MRC members and last minute volunteers on a great showing at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon Relay on February 15th, 2009 in Greensboro’s Country Park. With seven teams and twenty four participants, the Mebane Running Club had the largest team at the event!

Team MRC 6, Chris Walker and Jack Mignosa, earned first in the male 2 person team category and third overall with a 2:44:21 time (6:16m split).

Super Geezer Team MRC 1, Stephanie Rankin, Bob Rankin, Frank Empie & Linda Kroger, won third place in their category with a 3:31:47 time (8:05 split).

Thanks to Stephanie for organzing the event and rosters!

Participants: Bob, Stephanie, Frank Linda, Wally, Derek, Lynn, Laura, Patrick, Tracy, David, Joe, Cosby, Lisa, Jason, Dean, Steve, Amy, Barb, Joel, Chris, Jack, Richard & Ann.

Support team: Charlie, Elaine, Doug, Zachary, Isiah, Gracie

Full results are available at Off N Running’s results page:

Upcoming Races – Krispy Kreme Challenge, St. Valentine’s Marathon Relay & Coach Bubba

Zeta Franklin 5K – February 21st – Chapel Hill

The Franklin 5K supports multiple local community organizations. The Arc of Orange County, The Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, The Lineberger Cancer Center at UNC Hospitals, and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Please consider making a donation to these organizations during the registration process.

Registration Link:

Before Wednesday, February 18, 2009:Individual Participant: $15.00
Before Saturday, February 21, 2009:Individual Participant: $20.00

Note: On-line Registration for this event closes on 02-18-2009 at 9:30 AM. On-site registration MAY be available during normal packet pick up hours.

Please review this event site for more details regarding on-site registration.

On-site registration is available for this event on 02-21-2009 during normal packet pick up hours. Race morning from 8-9AM.
Race day registrations are $20 and will be accepted until 9AM race day.

Timing Chips will be distributed race morning and must be returned at the conclusion of the event prior to leaving the finish line chute.

2/7 – Krispy Kreme ChallengeWho’s in?
The Krispy Kreme Challenge is an annual,student-operated race in Raleigh, North Carolina benefiting the NC Children’s Hospital. Beginning in 2004 with a mere 12 participants,the race has grown exponentially to a whopping 3,000 runners in the 2008 race and has rapidly become one of NC State University’s newest traditions. Beginning at the NC State Belltower, each runner runs 2 miles to the Krispy Kreme store located on Peace St. in Raleigh. After downing a full dozen of the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the runner must run the two miles back. All in one hour. The challenge attracts a wide range of runners from beginners to serious competitors hailing from all corners of the country. With an expected participation of 5,000 runners, we are expecting the 2009 race to be our greatest (and most beneficial) race yet.

Register online. Race starts at approximately 9am.

Options include:
CHALLENGER: $16.00 4 miles, 12 doughnuts, and a t-shirt.
CASUAL: $16.00 4 miles, some doughnuts, and a t-shirt.
SUPPORTER: $10.00 T-shirt only.

2/15 – St. Valentine’s Massacre Marathon Relay
Scott from Off N Running says that Country Park in Greensboro is reserved for this annual race (as are the much envied hoodies). We expect for information to be posted on the
Off N Running website soon.

This is a full marathon, run solo or in 2 or 4 person teams. Last year we had three four person teams and one single man team. We are hoping to have at least that many this year! No experience necessary to run in the event, just a sense of humor and a willingess to end up slightly cold and sore. If you are interested in learning more about this event,
visit this post from last March.

Already know that you want to be on a team? Email Stephanie R. your full name, contact information and age ASAP so that she can start working on the team line-up. (Check the roster for her email adddress.)

2/21 – Coach Bubba 4M & 20K
Carolina Godiva Track Club will present the fifth annual Coach Bubba 20 km and 4 Mile Road Races on Saturday, February 21, 2009. Register online at

From the website: Godiva Track Club established this event to honor Bruce Koenig, affectionately known as Coach Bubba, and his contributions to the running community. He was a founder of Godiva’s Marathon Training Program as well as its Running Start program for those just beginning to run.Since its inception, the race has benefited The American Heart Association, the Triangle Rails to Trails Conservancy, and the American Tobacco Trail. This year, the primary charitable beneficiary is Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA), a treatment and rehabilitation program founded in Durham. We’re doing all that we can to make this a runner-friendly, memorable experience for all participants.

Mebane Runners Compete in Fun & Charity Events 3.12.08

Published in the 3.12.08 edition of the Mebane Enterprise…

Members of the local Mebane Running Club and Fitness Playground’s Boot Camp came together over the last several weekends to participate in local competitive and charity events. Four teams and one individual braved a cold day with threats of rain on February 17th , 2008 for Off ‘n Running Sports’ annual Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon and Marathon Relay. The event offered either a full marathon or a relay option for 2 or 4 person teams. The first participant ran a 2.2 mile leg and then three 1.6 mile loops, and the remaining three team members each ran four 1.6 mile loops to make a full marathon. Team members alternated with about 30-40 minutes of recovery time in between each lap. Throughout the event, participants and their families, including many from Mebane, were able to cheer on their fellow team members. Jack Mignosa won the overall individual event as the first finisher of the solo marathon category with a time of 3:01:09. Team Mebane 2 finished in second place at 3:09:43 for the 4 person, co-ed category. Team members included Wally Bixby, Denise Snyder, Barbara Taylor, and Chris Walker. Team Mebane 3, which included Elaine Bixby, Pete Elder, Sarah Elder and Steve Gray, finished in third place in the same category with a time of 3:15:02. The fourth team was Mebane 1, which finished second in the ‘Geezer’ category which included runners whose combined ages exceeded 160. This team included Laura Brown, Rod Snyder, Derek Waterhouse and Lynn Waterhouse. The Mebane Running Club’s participation in the event was headed up by club member Stephanie Rankin. Last minute illness prompted Lynn Waterhouse and Rod Snyder to substitute for Stephanie and her husband Bob.

On February 23rd , 2008, the Coach Bubba 20 km and 4 mile races took place in Durham. The event was organized by the Carolina Godiva Track Club to honor Bruce Koenig, aka ‘Coach Bubba’ who passed away unexpectedly while leading a group run. This year the primary beneficiary of the race was the Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA), a treatment and rehabilitation program founded in Durham. Mebane Running Club member Rachel Massai finished 8th in her age group in the 4 mile event with a finishing time of 34:43.

Saturday, March 1st brought the 19th annual Zeta Tau Alpha Franklin Street 5K Race to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. It was a perfect day for running for the nearly 400 participants, with near 60 degree temperatures and sunny skies. Mebane Running Club members won first place in three age categories, including Sarah Elder in the 25-29 group with a time of 23:20, Elaine Bixby in the 30-34 group with a 27:01 finish and Wally Bixby in the 35-39 group coming in at 21:11. Annie Luxmore of the Fitness Playground challenged her Bootcamp and CardioFit program participants to run in the event. Three members of the group received third in their respective age categories, including King Nelson at 28:38 in the 35-39 group, Annie Luxmore at 27:48 in the 25-29 group and Kim Powell-Bailey at 29:44 in the 35-39 category. Tara Corbett finished twelfth in the 25-29 group with a finishing time of 37:23. Mike Aydt finished fifth in the 50-54 age group with a time of 28:59. Mike’s daughter Melanie is a member of the race organizers, the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at UNC Chapel Hill.

Members of these two groups will be participating in many more events as the spring racing season takes off, including the Carrboro Classic Endurance Sports Festival and the Dogwood Festival 5K. The Mebane Running Club welcomes new beginner, recreational and competitive runners to its Saturday morning runs. They meet at 8 am each Saturday in front of Sweet Tooth Heaven on Clay Street. Coffee and conversation after the group run is optional but highly encouraged. Email for more information. The Fitness Playground is in a new facility on North 5th Street, offering Bootcamp, CardioFit, Indoor Cycling, Yoga and personal training. More information is available at