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Guest Blogger: Get Your Running Shoes On…

New Runners’ Program graduate Natalie G. has posted a blog entry (with lots of great photos) describing her first 5K experience at the Dogwood!

“Well, I ran my first 5K yesterday!  The Dogwood 5K in Mebane.  I was so nervous before the race began.  A few days before, I had read that there were around 500 people preregistered for the race.  The day of the race of the race, around 600.  When the times were posted there were 531 names on the list!…” Continue reading at Natalie’s blog >>

Reviews of Spring and Summer 2010 Races

Thanks to Courtney B. and Jim M. for providing some quick-hit reviews of spring races. We hope this helps MRC members decide which races they want to do next year! Want to add your thoughts? Send us an email to or post your comments below.

From Jim M.

Four on the Fourth / Carrboro / July 4th

  • Shady and relatively flat course around the neighborhoods in Carrboro
  • Really nice weather mid 60s at the start (incredible for July)
  • Very organized race staff
  • Large but very manageable race crowd (a little less then 700 racers)
  • Seamless last minute registration (except that they ran out of this year’s socks so I had to settle for last year’s Gobble and Gorge 8K)
  • The only negative was the lack of crowd support.

This is a great, well-organized mid-summer race.  It has a great local feel with many runners from the area, and everyone I spoke with had a great time.  Bottom line? It’s a great way to start your 4th of July holiday!

From Courtney

Dogwood 5K / Mebane / April 24 (I ran this race non-competitively, so my thoughts might be swayed by that!)

  • Fairly difficult course with several hills (including a finish on a long, slow incline!)
  • Warm but not unbearable (upper 60s to low 70s).
  • Super friendly volunteers with lots of encouragement along the course and at the finish line.
  • Great water station run by Omega Sports of Burlington.
  • Huge Mebane Running Club turnout (tons of cheering and support!)
  • Slight problem with traffic direction towards the back of the crowd (some folks were directed to the sidewalk and had to beware of traffic).

Young Life 5K / Burlington / May 8

  • Very difficult course (hilly, “halfway point” was a bit early in the race—so sad!, very little shade).
  • Hot temperatures (upper 70s or low 80s).
  • Great prizes: nice water bottles for second place winners, bookbags with goodies for first place winners.
  • A special shout-out to the Mebane Running Club over the PA system, plus a discounted registration rate ($5/off).
  • Organizers ran out of water and popsicles towards the end of the event.

Run for the Haw 5K / Graham / May 29

  • Flat, fast course, but with quite a few turns (however, this year was marked very well with signage at the school to make sure people didn’t miss the turn!)
  • Hot temperatures (upper 70s or low 80s).
  • Good prizes: nice socks for first place winners, extra random giveaways for non-winners.
  • Huge Mebane Running Club turnout – we represented about 1/3 of all participants!
  • The last 1/4 mile finish was on the track and was a bit difficult because it was very muddy from rain the previous few nights.

Running of the Bulls 8k / Durham / June 5

  • Very hilly course that crossed back over itself several times, making some folks feel a little dizzy/confused about where they were.
  • Absolutely zero shaded areas and the temperature was almost unbearable (upper 80s to low 90s)
  • Well attended race with several elite USATF certified runners and over 600 racers. It was neat to be a part of such a big crowd.
  • Super cool views of Durham during the race. You pass through a section of one of Durham’s prettiest neighborhoods—Trinity Park, through downtown, by the new ballpark and the American Tobacco area, and finish in the old ballpark.
  • Awesome Nike Dri-fit wicking shirts with great a cool race logo included in the cost. (Shirts that ACTUALLY fit and that you will ACTUALLY wear again!)
  • Wished the water station had been situated much closer to the finish, and that there were more of them. You had to stand in line to get water, and after such a difficult/hot race that was a bit tough!

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k / Raleigh / June 12 (I ran this race non-competitively, so my thoughts might be swayed by that!)

  • Fairly hilly course that is very well marked.
  • Extremely hot temperatures (low 80s to upper 80s).
  • Huge crowd of racers with TONS of supporters along the course. If you’ve never experienced this race before, you must do it! The same people set up stations year after year with sprinklers, music and kids with water guns.
  • Course starts on the Meredith campus and winds through beautiful, old, established neighborhoods with gorgeous houses.
  • 75% of your fundraising (should you choose to do so) go to an excellent cause.
  • Although it is very well organized, they often run out of various sizes of shirts. Also, with this many people at an event, you can never be there too early!

Spring 2010 Race Results

Congratulations to the following MRC members on their fabulous times in these area events!

May 8th – 3rd Annual Alamance County Young Life 5K Results

2010 Young Life 5k - Photo courtesy of Leon Rice

Complete results available through East Carolina Road Racing: Overall and Age Group links

Overall / Bib # / Name / Award / Gender / Age / Time / Minute mile average

34 103 Courtney Baker 2nd place 19-35 F 28 F Mebane NC 25:36 8:15

36 204 Barbara Taylor 2nd place 36-55 F 40 F Mebane NC 25:46 8:18

65 279 Lauri Daughtry 48 F 28:32 9:11

71 107 Audra Best 29 F Burlington NC 29:11 9:24

87 193 Tammy Rice 44 F Mebane NC 30:40 9:53

89 213 Mary Helen Yehl 50 F Burlington NC 31:25 10:07

93 156 Amy Jo Johnson 41 F Mebane NC 32:09 10:21

94 104 Caleb Baker 34 M Mebane NC 32:09 10:21

95 167 Beverly Martin 47 F BurlingtonNC 32:13 10:23

109 228 Ginger Swain 38 F 33:41 10:51

121 194 Mandy Rice 21 F Mebane NC 35:09 11:19

132 119 Beth Coble 40 F Mebane NC 38:14 12:19

135 206 Michelle Thompson 42 F Graham NC 38:44 12:28

153 177 Tabitha Newton 37 F Mebane NC 44:46 14:25

154 108 Kelly Blackwell 42 F Graham NC 44:52 14:27

158 145 Carey Holland 32 F Graham NC 48:38 15:40

April 24th – Mebane Dogwood 5K Results

Complete results available through On the Mark Sports: Overall and Age Group links

Photo album links:

Photos courtesy of the Mebane Woman’s Club & the Mebane Running Club. Photographer – Elaine Bixby.

Start of the 2010 Dogwood 5K - Photo courtesy of Elaine Bixby

Mebane Running Club Member Results:

Alan Schumacher  1st place M50-59 22:59   7:25/m

Amanda Mills   30:58 9:59/M

Amy Hargrove  44:49 14:27/M

Angie North 31:09  10:03/M

Ashley Melton 31:57 10:18/M

Audra Best  27:58 9:01/M

Barb Taylor 25:10 8:07/M

Becky Peterson 40:43 13:08/M

Beth Coble  35:59 11:36/M

Beth Wilkerson  33:18 10:45/M

Beverly Martin  32:08 10:22/M

Caleb Baker 25:45 8:18/M

Carey Holland  47:00 15:10/M

Carmin Kelly 39:11 12:38/M

Caroline Ketcham (pacer)  32:59 10:38/M

Cathy O’Neal  30:49 9:56/M

Christie Walker  42:38 13:45/M

Courtney Baker (pacer) 30:48 9:56/M

David Wintringham 22:54 7:23/M

Debbie Burnette 31:39 10:13/M

Faith Howell  44:27 14:20/M

Frederique Rich 37:09 11:59/M

Ginger Swain 32:45 10:34/M

Hasije Harris  42:32 13:43/M

Heather Newberry 33:45 10:53/M

Jason (& Cash) Rogers 31:51 10:16/M

Jennifer Nunez 32:10 10:23/M

Jennifer Warren  26:56 8:41/M

Jessica Blouin 37:37 12:08/M

Jessica Pasion 44:10 14:15/M

Karen Boley 31:22 10:07/M

Kathy Colville (pacer) 45:55 14:49/M

Kelly Blackwell 45:54 14:48/M

Kimberly Cole  42:52 13:50/M

Kris Linville  37:32 12:06/M

Lauri Daughtry 28:21 9:09/M

Lisa Hooke  44:50 14:28/M

Lynn Briggs 2nd place F50-59 26:56 8:41/M

Lynn Fishel 1st place F50-59 26:23 8:31/M

Lynn Merrill 43:36 14:04/M

Lynn Waterhouse w/ Gracie Waterhouse (11) 35:32 11:28/M

Mandy Rice 32:51 10:36/M

Mary Helen Yehl 3rd place F50-59 31:47 10:15/M

Megan Squire 3rd place F30-39 26:45 8:38/M

Michelle Thompson  37:01 11:56/M

Michelle Weeks 43:37 14:04/M

Rachel Clark  34:49 11:14/M

Rhonda Melton 44:05 14:13/M

Rob Gray 39:44 12:49/M

Rod Snyder w/ McKenna Snyder (9) 31:50 10:16/M

Sarah McNulty 43:25 14:00/M

Sharon Cates  31:37 10:12/M

Tabitha Newton 45:51 14:47/M

Tammy Rice (pacer) 44:49 14:27/M

Tobias Egner 24:24 7:52/M

Tonja Womble 45:21 14:38/M

Tracey Moon 38:24 12:23/M

Wendy Edelson 35:01 11:18/M

Thanks to our pacers – Heather Moore, Courtney Baker, Kristin Riley, Sue Proctor, Kathy Colville, Caroline Ketcham, and Tammy Rice.

Thanks to our members who volunteered as road marshals, worked as part of the Mebane Woman’s Club event organization or just came to cheer everyone on – Annie Martinie, Beth Payne, Charlie & Linda Kroger, Denise Snyder, Sarah & Pete Elder, Courtney Doi, Stephanie Rankin, Katie & Reed LaPlante, Rebecca Brouwer, Leon Rice, Sherri Buckner, Jim McNulty, Elaine Bixby and Tracy Page.

April 10th Charlotte Racefest 10K – Charlotte, NC

Chip Time

Courtney Baker       50:50

Caleb Baker             53:10

Courtney & Caleb at Charlotte RaceFest 10K - Photo courtesy of Courtney Baker

March 27th Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon – Raleigh, NC

Chip Time      Gun Time

Lynn Briggs    2:16:10               2:17:31

Tammy Rice   2:16:28               2:17:49

Lynn & Tammy at the Raleigh Rocks Half - Photo courtesy of Leon Rice

March 27th Cooper River Bridge 10K – Charleston, SC

Chip Time          Gun Time

Denise Snyder     48:33                   49:50

Tracy Page           51:22                    54:33

Rebecca Brouwer  57:02                1:01:55

Annie Martinie     57:02                 1:01:56

Beth Payne      57:35                      1:02:28

Sarah Elder   1:06:20                   1:15:50

2010 Bridge Run participants - Photo courtesy Rebecca Brouwer

March 21st Quintiles Marathon – Wrightsville Beach, NC

Lynn Waterhouse    4:31:57

March 21st Tobacco Road Half Marathon – Cary, NC

Stephanie Rankin    Gun time 2:06:05   Chip time  2:05:25   9:35/m

March 20th United Healthcare North Carolina Half Marathon – High Point, NC

Lynn Fishel  2nd place F50-54     Gun time 2:02:58  Chip time 2:02:19  9:20/m

March 20th Kidney Kare 5k – Chapel Hill, NC

Mary Helen Yehl     34:55            11:16/m

Mandy Rice               35:19              11:24/m

Faith Howell and Tammy Rice walked the event for practice. Great job all!

Mandy Rice, Faith Howell and Mary Helen Yehl at the Kidney Kare 5K

March 20th Zeta Franklin Street 5K – Chapel Hill, NC

Amanda Blankenship   29:35

Send us some pictures and we’ll post them here!!!!

Dogwood Festival Results

Congratulations to all of the MRC members who participated in the 2009 Mebane Dogwood Festival 5K.


  • Jill Fricke  21:44      1st in age group, 2nd overall
  • Stephanie Rankin 24:31   1st in age group, 8th overall
  • Barb Taylor  25:31   2nd in age group, 10th overall
  • Adriana Tavernise 27:29   4th in age group
  • Vickie Dixon 35:08   8th in age group
  • Beth Coble (1st 5K!!!) 38:28  13th in age group


  • Alan Schumacher  23:39  1st in age group, 12th overall
  • Frank Empie  24:47  1st in age group, 18th overall
  • Stephan Weinland  34:22  10th in age group

Thanks to the MRC members who volunteered and coordinated the event, including Annie Luxmore, Elizabeth Bunner and Kim Powell-Bailey. Let us know if we missed anyone. 

Photos from the event would be appreciated. Please send them to
Full results are available here.

Dogwood Practice Run – April 18th, 2009

The weather is warming up and downtown businesses are readying for the annual Mebane Dogwood Festival. Are you runners ready?

This year’s event will feature chip timing and a USATF certified course, as well as the now familiar uphill finish on Charles Street.

Make sure you are prepared for the race by practicing the course with the Mebane Running Club on Saturday April 18th. New runners and friends always welcome! Many speed groups and ability levels are in our informal club!

  • Meet at Mebane Espress on South Fourth Street at 7:30am
  • Walk or jog down to E.M. Yoder Elementary
  • Run, walk, stumble…the course route
  • Walk or jog back down to Mebane Espress for coffee, conversation (and hill commiseration)
  • Or run a few more miles if you want!!!

See everyone on Saturday morning!