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My Miles Matter launches Wednesday!

The MRC is proud to announce the My Miles Matter mileage incentive program. The goal is to reward members who track their mileage and incentivize them to reach new mileage goals. We hope that this will motivate more people to take on the challenge, and for those who are currently exercising regularly, reward them.

Check out the details of the program and how to register by clicking here. The program starts this Wednesday, December 14th, so sign up soon!


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From RW: Trapped in a mine? Might as well run

…thanks to Richard for passing this along

Excerpt: Unless you’ve been living underground, you know by now that the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine are finally being pulled out, 69 days after it collapsed. In a world hungry for upbeat news, this story has gained a ton of attention, and rightly so.

One tiny aspect of the story, though, hasn’t gotten much notice. From a profile of the trapped miners in London’s Daily Telegraph:
Edison Pena, 34, the fittest miner, has reportedly been running 10km a day underground. Also requested that Elvis Presley songs be sent down into the mine.”

How to Avoid Pre-Race Blunders (from Runner’s World)

….Thanks to guest blogger Sherri B. for sending our way.

Entire article can be found in the October 2010 issue of Runner’s World

This month, thousands of runners will toe the line with mixed emotions. Some will be looking down at a brand-new pair of running shoes because they forgot to pack their tried-and-true trainers. Others will be kicking themselves for running too hard during their taper, or for hanging out too long at the expo—in flip-flops. The good news: If you follow our expert advice on how to avoid common prerace blunders, you won’t sabotage all your hard work come race day.

AVOID IT: Make a detailed packing list and a race-weekend schedule.

AVOID IT: Taper smart: Reduce mileage by 60 percent during race week

AVOID IT: Remind your legs they’re speedy with strides while tapering

AVOID IT: Watch an in-room movie if you’ve traveled to a new city for the race

AVOID IT: Channel your inner Yoda; practice deep breathing techniques