The Distance Runner

I run 700 miles away from home….

I just arrived in New England for the third and final summer of my graduate program. I have been attending graduate school in Western Massachusetts for the past two years, and in August I will have my master’s degree. It has been 27 months of leaving the hot summers of the North Carolina and attending school in New England during the summer (the best time of year), which I get to enjoy from the inside of the library.

Last summer, I was so overwhelmed with school that running (and yoga) were second to my seemingly endless articles to read, papers to write, and presentations to give. I bought a new pair of sneakers to start the summer. I sadly put 5 miles on them before returning to home. Two of those miles occurred in Mebane, while I was home on my break in July.

This summer I made the resolution to run more. I know that it is a great way to clear my head and relieve stress. This has been an element in my research focus.

I resolve to get out more. How else will I get to enjoy the beautiful New England summer? I look forward to speed work on the track and enjoying a long trail run before class. On Monday, I will start the training program for the 10K during Mebane on the Move. I will be submitting my thesis that day. I may even be wearing my running clothes and go out for a celebratory run.

I am a runner in graduate school, but most of all, I am a runner.

So, would you like to be my running partner? I will run in the small New England town, which is home for 10 weeks. You run in Mebane, or wherever you may be this summer. I will see you briefly in July and then again in August, when I am running to help myself come back to my real life.

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