Mebane on the Move Results

Congratulations to the New Runners Program participants and rest of the Mebane Running Club on a great turnout today at the 3rd annual Mebane on the Move event. The Mebane Running Club was very pleased to be a partner with the Mebane Woman’s Club in this great event!

Full results for the 5K and 10K are available here.

Photos are available to view and download here and here. If you want a print copy, download them and take them on a disc or flashdrive to CVS or Walmart. You can also upload them to Snapfish or Kodakgallery to print and have mailed or be made into a gift.

Thanks to Elizabeth Bunner for her great finish line and general event shots! And thanks to Stephanie Rankin and Barb Taylor for volunteering as pace bunnies.

5K Results

John Montelli 1st place 50+ M  23:05    7:27M

Megan Squire 4th place W 30 -39   27:48   8:58M

Courtney Baker 4th place W 20-29  28:59  9:21M

Caleb Baker  29:01  9:22M

Elizabeth Brush   29:49   9:37M

Mike Brush  29:49   9:37M

Tammy Rice   30:01 9:41M

Laurie Conteh  30:05 9:42M

Caroline Ketcham 31:15  10:05M

Lynn Briggs 4th place W 50 – 59  31:19  10:06M

Audra Best  31:33  10:11M

Kristin Riley  31:40  10:13M

Amanda Blankenship 32:25 10:27M

Peggy Holmes 32:31  10:29M

Susan Frahm  32:49  10:35M

Karen Boley  33:20  10:45M

Katie Redmond 4th place W 13-19  33:32  10:49M

Beverly Martin  33:39   10:51M

Ginger Swain   34:17  11:04M

Beth Coble    34:17  11:04M

Lisa Darmo 34:23  11:05M

Mary Ann Monson 34:23 11:05M

Michelle Thompson 34:32  11:08M

Beth Davis  35:52   11:34M

Beth Wilkerson  37:50  12:12M

Rob Gray   39:30   12:45M

Joseph Schumacher 3rd place M under 12  41:09 13:16M

Margaret Schumacher 41:15  13:178M

Carey Holland  41:34  13:25M

Tammy Davis 41:36  13:25M

Mark Blackmon 42:40  13:46M

Kim Thompson 42:40  13:46M

Amanda Cantrell 50:13  16:12M

10K Results

Jack Mignosa 1st place M 30-39  39:34  6:23M

Steve Gray  47:11   7:37M

Jill Fricke  2nd place W 30 – 39  47:27  7:39M

Richard Kohrman  47:34  7:40M

Alan Schumacher  52:49 8:31M

Stephan Weinland  1:08:01  10:58M

(Email us if we’ve missed any current members!)

Starting Line Video

Finish Line Video

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